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Florida Hedgehogs

Est. 2006 | A leading hedgehog breeder located in Middleburg, Florida.


Surrendering a hedgehog

We understand that sometimes pet owners have no other option than to rehome their pets.  We try to assist whenever possible.

We do not accept hedgehogs with infections or contagious illnesses but can sometimes assist in locating an alternate rescue facility in those situations.

If you have a hedgehog that is advanced in age and nearing the end, we respectfully ask that you reconsider abandoning him/her at the end of their life.
We understand that losing a pet is an awful thing but when these older animals begin to pass, they inevitably look for the person that they know, the face that is familiar.  When they can find only a complete stranger, it makes their passing more stressful and difficult.  It is heartbreaking and unfair to the hedgehog.  Please reconsider keeping them until they pass.

Some of the hedgehogs that are surrendered to us will live out the remainder of their days here at Florida Hedgehogs.
Others may be offered for adoption (to pre-screened homes) if we feel that the hedgehog is a good candidate for adoption.

Contact us to surrender a hedgehog

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