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Florida Hedgehogs

A leading hedgehog breeder. | Est. 2006 | Located in Middleburg, Florida.

Hedgehog Boarding / Hedgie-Sitting

We offer boarding at the following rates:

  • $30.00 for 1 week.
  • $55.00 for 2 weeks.
  • $80.00 for 3 weeks.
  • $100.00 for 4 weeks.

This includes daily cleaning, feeding, body checks, and bathing/nail trims as needed.

For the protection of our own hedgehogs, we will not board hedgehogs who are suffering from a contagious or possibly contagious illness.
If your hedgehog requires medication for a non-contagious illness, there will be an additional $1.00 per day fee for the extra care and attention.


Surrenders & Rescues

We offer assistance for folks who need to find a new home for their hedgehog.

If we take in a surrender and find that we are unable to keep it for the duration of its life, we ensure that he/she goes to one of the following:

  • Sir Snuffy's Hedgehog Sanctuary - Sir Snuffy's is located near Tampa, FL. and the hedgehogs that go there to live will reside at the sanctuary for the rest of their days.  The owner is a long-time hedgehog lover with decades of experience.
  • South Florida Hedgehog Rescue Station - A reputable and experienced rescue facility near Miami, FL.
  • An adopter who has been pre-screened by Florida Hedgehogs and the Hedgehog Welfare Society.

We do not generally refuse a hedgehog in need of a home, however, in cases of hedgehogs that are ill with a contagious or possibly contagious disease or infection we will refer you to the rescue closest to you in order to protect all of the hedgehogs in our care.