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Florida Hedgehogs

A leading hedgehog breeder, est. 2006. Located in north Florida.

ATTENTION:  If you have previously contact us by phone/text, our number has changed.  Please email us for our new number.  Thanks!


Hedgehog Boarding / Hedgie-Sitting

We offer boarding services for $5.00 per day.  Please inquire for more information.
This includes daily cleaning, feeding, body checks, and bathing/nail trims as needed.

For the protection of our own hedgehogs, we will not board hedgehogs who are suffering from a contagious or possibly contagious illness.
If your hedgehog requires medication (for a non-contagious illness), there will be an additional $2.00 per day fee (total of $7.00 per day) for the addition care and attention.


Surrenders & Rescues

We offer assistance with hedgehogs that need homes regardless of whether it was originally sold by us or not.

If a hedgehog is surrendered to us and we are unable to keep it here, we ensure that it goes to one of the following:

  • Sir Snuffy's Hedgehog Sanctuary, a reputable hedgehog sanctuary located near Tampa
  • South Florida Hedgehog Rescue Station, a reputable rescue near Miami
  • An adopter who has been pre-screened by the Hedgehog Welfare Society
  • An adopter who has been screened by us

We do not generally refuse a hedgehog in need of a home, however, in cases of hedgehogs that are ill with possibly contagious diseases or infections we will refer you to the rescue closest to you or the Hedgehog Welfare Society in order to protect our own hedgehogs.