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Florida Hedgehogs

Established 2006

The information below is based on currently known and classified (as of January 2021) hedgehog species under the taxonomic family Erinaceidae.
We have not provided links to photos of these species as URLs tend to change and leave us with broken links.
You can easily find photos of each species using a Google Image search using the proper taxonomical name.


  1. Atelerix albiventris – Four-toed or African hedgehog - native to central and eastern Africa.
    These are the hedgehogs you are most likely to encounter in the U.S. pet trade and the species that we have here at Florida Hedgehogs

  2. Atelerix algirus – North African or Algerian hedgehog - native to Algeria, Lybia, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and Tunisia.  
  3. Atelerix frontalis – South African hedgehog - native to Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.
  4. Atelerix sclateri – Somali hedgehog - native to Somalia.
  5. Erinaceus amurensis – Amur, Chinese, or Manchurian hedgehog - native to Russia, China, and Korea.
  6. Erinaceus concolor - Southern white-breasted hedgehog - native to southwestern Asia.
  7. Erinaceus europaeus - Western European hedgehog - native to a wide region across Europe.
  8. Erinaceus roumanicus – Northern white-breasted hedgehog - native to Poland, Austria, Yugoslavia, and Greece.
  9. Hemiechinus auritus – Long-eared hedgehog - native to central Asia and parts of the Middle East.
  10. Hemiechinus collaris – Indian long-eared hedgehog - native to Pakistan and northern India.
  11. Mesechinus dauuricus – Daurian or Russian hedgehog - native to northern Mongolia and southeast Russia.
  12. Mesechinus hughi – Hugh’s or central Chinese hedgehog - native to central China.
    • PENDING FORMAL CLASSIFICATION: Mesechinus miodon – Small-toothed forest hedgehog - native to northeast Mongolia and southeast Russia.
    • PENDING FORMAL CLASSIFICATION: Mesechinus wangi – Gaoligong or Wang’s forest hedgehog - native to northeast Mongolia and southeast Russia.
  13. Paraechinus aethiopicus – Ethiopian desert hedgehog - native to a wide region of Africa and the Middle East.
  14. Paraechinus hypomelas – Brandt’s desert hedgehog - native to the Middle East and Central Asia.
  15. Paraechinus micropus – Indian desert hedgehog - native to Pakistan and India.
  16. Paraechinus nudiventris – Madras or bare-bellied hedgehog - native to India.