Florida Hedgehogs

A leading hedgehog breeder in sunny north Florida since 2006. 

Hedgehog Sitting

We offer boarding services for $5.00 per day.  Please inquire for more information.

Surrenders & Rescues

We offer assistance with hedgehogs that need homes regardless of whether it came from us or not.

If a hedgehog is surrendered to us and we are not able to keep it here for some reason, we ensure that it goes to one of the following:

  • A reputable hedgehog sanctuary located near Tampa
  • A reputable rescue near Miami
  • An adopter who has been pre-screen by the Hedgehog Welfare Society

We do not generally refuse a hedgehog in need of a home.  However, in cases of hedgehogs that are ill with contagious diseases or infections, we will likely refer you to the Hedgehog Welfare Society in order to protect our own hedgehogs.